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Student Success Stories

Paige Kimball
Lancaster County Career and Technology Center
Brownstown Campus
Introduction to Health Careers
2012-2013, Lancaster County Career and Technology Foundation Scholarship Recipient

I had known since I was little that healthcare was the place I was meant to be.  My parents always told stories of my numerous emergency room visits, early fascination with CSI, and strong desire to always play “doctor”.  Even from a young age, I had a love of working with people, and a knack for compassion and healing. It was this exact love that only grew as I aged, and I became more and more interested in the human body and all the amazing things it could do. Because of this passion I found in myself, and the compassion I wanted to exemplify to others, I decided to pursue health care at the Brownstown Campus.

One of the most memorable things about my Introduction to Health Careers class was the clinical experience. Clinicals really gave me a chance to explore my interests, experience different departments, and apply my knowledge from the classroom in a real world experience. I’ve seen so many different things from surgeries and births to physical therapy and pharmaceuticals. The various experiences that I was given gave me the chance to be exposed to so many different things and try out a variety of fields in health care and medicine.

Through countless hours spent studying I earned a Foundation Scholarship and became vice president of National Technical Honor Society as well as Parliamentarian of Skills USA. These achievements helped me to pursue my dream of attending college, and represent my own community, as I strive to reach my dreams.

After attending the LCCTC, I decided to pursue Sports Medicine as a Pre-Medicine major at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. My professional goals include attending graduate school in hopes of becoming a Physician’s Assistant or an Orthopedist.

I cannot begin to thank the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center enough for their endless support, guidance, and motivation throughout the school year. The CTC has given me knowledge that is unique to any other institution, and it has given me the upper hand in medical knowledge. In the end, there are moments you must experience yourself before you can fully understand them, and honestly, I cannot wait to jump right into healthcare and dance.

Adrienne Brosey
Class of 2014 Introduction to Health Careers student
earning college credit through the Dual Enrollment program

Enrolling in the Introduction to Health Careers Program at the Mount Joy Career and Technology Center was one of the best decisions I have made for my future.

This class has helped tremendously by motivating me to continue toward my goal of going on to college for Nursing when I graduate. Thanks to CTC for guiding me through the transition from high school to college and pushing me to my full potential. Thank you to the teachers and administration at the Mount Joy CTC and for helping me make the best decisions for my future career.

This note is to say thank you for the financial help that the Lancaster County Career and Technology Foundations is providing me to participate in the Dual Enrollment Program. 

Rebecca Schaeffer
2012 Graduate, LCCT Foundation Scholarship Recipient,
Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences Nursing Student

Choosing to attend the Clinical Care Assistant program at the Lancaster County CTC is one of the most beneficial decisions I made during my senior year of high school. Throughout the Clinical Care program, I gained a solid foundation in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, medical abbreviations, and basic bedside nursing skills.

The instructor, Mrs. Barr, instilled professional values and pushed me to work to the best of my ability. Three months of clinical rotation at Lancaster General Hospital and Ephrata Community Hospital also provided me with on-the-job training that became crucial for nursing school. As a student in the Clinical Care Assistant program, I joined the Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) and competed at the state level in medical terminology. My CTC program provided me with so much background that I placed first and got to compete in the national competition in Orlando, Florida.

Often, fellow students at the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences complain that a medical terminology course would have been beneficial as part of nursing school. This is not an issue for me, due to the solid background in medical terminology that I received at CTC. The knowledge I gained through the Clinical Care Assistant program has helped me maintain a 3.9 GPA through my first two semesters of nursing school. And as a result of the scholarship I received, I can spend more time focusing on school and homework and less time working at my job.

The Clinical Care Assistant program was the beginning of my journey into the field of healthcare and I would do it all over again. Looking back, I could have never imagined how positive an impact CTC would have had on my life.


Kayla Retallack
2012 Graduate, LCCT Foundation Scholarship Recipient,
Lancaster General College Nursing Student

The Introduction to Health Careers course at CTC made a huge impact on my college decision and future. It’s a wonderful experience to see what you enjoy in the health care field, and you visit amazing clinical sites to determine the interests that fit you. It opened my eyes and helped me make a clear decision that nursing is the right field for me. Looking back, it’s a great step between high school-level courses and college-level courses. If I had the chance again, I would do it all over again!

Brittany N. Lookenbill
2010 CTC Alumna

I attended Willow Street CTC as a junior in the Health Care Cluster and as a senior in the Clinical Care Assistant program. My experiences at CTC were unbelievable and held many moments that I will cherish all my life.

My home school experience was very challenging. I became frustrated with my fellow students as I was bullied most of my school life. While the staff tried to assist, they came up short on handling many situations. I struggled just to maintain an average student status. I just wanted school to be over and move on.

Through watching medical shows on the Discovery Channel, I became interested in the medical field. On the advice of a neighbor, a nurse practitioner who started her career in a career and technology school, I attended an open house at Willow Street CTC. That night changed my life. I met the Health Care Cluster instructor, Mrs. Smith, who asked questions and displayed compassion regarding my previous school and personal issues. I knew somehow this school was different.

In the fall of 2008, I took the first step toward my career in nursing. My entire experience at Willow Street was fantastic, from Health Care Cluster in my junior year to Clinical Care Assistant program in my senior year. The faculty listened to my needs and displayed true concern for me. From teachers, to principal, assistant principal and various school administrators, they made me feel that I was important. I always felt that I could approach them with any question or issue. What a welcome change from my home school!

In spring 2010, as part of my CTC instruction, I was privileged to work at Lancaster General Hospital and Ephrata Community Hospital on a clinical rotation as a nurse assistant. These experiences were life changing for me. From taking vital signs, to changing bed linens, to learning general bedside manners, I grew tremendously through these experiences. During my rotation in surgery at Ephrata Community Hospital I was permitted to view several procedures including carpal tunnel surgery and childbirth through caesarian section. This only fueled my desire to continue my education in nursing.

I graduated from CTC in the spring of 2010 on the honor roll and having completed the NOCHTI skills tests rated “advanced” in all categories. Through the dual enrollment program at CTC, I received college credits for several college courses including English, Math and Medical Terminologies.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at CTC and feel totally prepared to continue my nursing career. I plan to attend Harrisburg Area Community College in the fall of 2010 to continue my education and achieve my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. My heartfelt thanks go out to the faculty and administrators of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center for the opportunities, education and skills that I have received. My life is forever changed from these experiences.