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The Lancaster County Career & Technology Foundation, a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) and Educational Improvement Organization, was established in 2003 to support the students and programs of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center (CTC). The Foundation’s goal is to make sure that the Lancaster County CTC has the materials, the equipment and the funding to provide the best in career training for High School students and adults.

This ensures that:

  • Students receive world-class hands-on training in technology and the skilled trades that prepares them for Gold Collar careers and/or post-secondary education
  • Parents can enroll their students in one of 50 career programs where they will receive career-focused training, insights, and experience
  • Businesses have access to a workforce skilled in the latest technology and techniques and trained on the latest Web_sarah IMG_9219equipment
  • Educators can more closely meet the needs of local employers and the economic development needs of the community
  • Graduates are prepared to step confidently into their chosen careers and to begin earning and contributing to the community

Please learn more about the Foundation, and our work supporting of the Lancaster County CTC, through selecting one or more of the links to the right.